Indiana is known for many things, one being its gorgeous and historic old homes. In Central Indiana, the majority of homes, whether they are old or new, have basements. With the weather in the Hoosier State exposing most properties to a great deal of snow and rain, there’s a strong possibility that your home might need a sump pump if it doesn’t already have one. 

In this article, we put together the top five reasons why your basement needs a sump pump. This list might help you decide whether hiring a specialist for the job is important to keep your home protected. 

Pump Excess Water Out and Keep the Basement Dry

Whether your home is old or new, if your property is located in a place that gets a considerable amount of snow or rain, your basement might eventually flood. In this case, a sump pump is essential to keep the foundation dry.

The sump pump is designed to remove the water through a pipe whenever it fills up, leading the excess water to the outside of the building. With the help of a check valve, which is placed between the pump and the pipe, the system is able to keep water from flowing back into the basement. 

Protect Expensive Heating and Cooling Systems

In most homes in Central Indiana, the heating and cooling systems are located in the basement. In the event of a flood, your equipment, such as furnaces, water heater, and air conditioning systems, can end up being completely destroyed. 

With a sump pump in place, you’ll have more peace of mind. 

Keep the Mold and Mildew Away

If your basement is flooded, one thing’s for sure: it will be the perfect environment for mold and mildew. Considering both can be extremely harmful to your health and the health of your loved ones, causing nasal congestion, sore throats, coughs, skin, and other conditions, keeping the basement inhospitable to these critters is the best way to go. 

Having a sump pump will do just that. 

Saves You Money

While it is true that sump pumps have incredible value when it comes to protecting your house from the destruction water can cause, it’s also invaluable when it comes to protecting your wallet. 

Repairing the foundation and heating and cooling systems, as well as pumping water out of the basement after a flood, can cost you thousands of dollars. Instead of breaking the bank in case of an emergency, install a sump pump now and you save money in the long run. 

Adds Incredible Value to Your Home

Adding a sump pump to the basement is a sure and straightforward way to make an impacting change to your home. 

Because of how much protection sump pumps can provide, they also increase the value of your home, making your property more appealing to potential buyers. 

If you’re thinking about selling your Central Indiana home in the near future and you want to make sure it’s got all the features a potential buyer is looking for, add a sump pump to the top of your list. After all, who wants to buy a home that can be easily flooded?

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