Indiana – Where the living is easy and the water is hard!

Did you know, Indiana tops most states for hard water? The US Geological Survey identifies Indiana as one of 6 states whose untreated ground water is very hard. What does that mean? It means the water contains an overabundance of calcium, magnesium, and/or lime. This mineral buildup can cause problems in your plumbing, possessions, and your well-being including:

  • Clogged pipes and reduced water pressure
  • Shortened lifespan of dish washer, washing machine
  • Running toilets, soap scum
  • Water spots or cloudy glassware
  • Calcium buildup on faucets, coffee makers
  • Faded stiff clothes
  • Dry itchy skin, eczema, dull frizzy hair, blemishes, wrinkles

Our first step is to test your water hardness FREE OF CHARGE. 

Once we determine the level of mineral content in your water, we can suggest a repair to your existing unit or replace with one of our efficient industry-leading water softeners.

Our service and water softeners are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.