If you have a basement, you’ll most likely need a Sump Pump!

Sump pumps carry groundwater away from your foundation to prevent flooding, but can break, or back up creating a big mess which may lead to cracks, mold, bowing of floors, or other moisture problems. We handle sump pump repair and installation.

A sump pump is housed in a pit in your basement or crawl space and its job is to pump collected groundwater out of the sump pit, keeping your basement dry by relieving exterior pressure on the foundation. The usual scenario is a storm knocks out electricity for hours or longer. Many sump pumps are electrical with a battery back up, but even that may not be enough.

When a sump pump stops doing its job for whatever reason, our technicians are qualified to repair or provide you options of new sump pumps.

We also offer maintenance checks and test your sump pump so you know it’s ready to work when needed.

Things that could go wrong with a sump pump

A pipe is blocked to the sump pump so water can’t flow out. Wiring could be loose or corroded. The sump pump’s float arm can’t move, the pump itself shifted, or got blocked with loose gravel, small rock, silt, or something may have fallen in the pit.

If you are concerned about flooding or moisture in your home, we can fix or come up with a great solution for you. Our technicians at Paul Henderson Plumbing can determine the best sump pump system – one with a backup for power failures so you can be rest assured.

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