Hot water is a necessity. No one wants to take a cold shower or do laundry only in cold water!

Paul Henderson Plumbing offers maintenance, repairs, and replacement of water heaters with 24/7 emergency service if necessary.

If your water heater is leaking, you have no hot water, or it’s out right broken, call us! In most cases, we can quote a new water heater over the phone and have it fixed or replaced before dinnertime!

Heating your water efficiently will save you money. Ask your technician about energy saving water heater options.

MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: First, let’s preserve the life of your water heater. Although the average water heater is designed to last 10-15 years, regular maintenance can extend its life and operate more efficiently.

A NOTE ON FLUSHING YOUR WATER HEATER: After installation, a water heater should be flushed within the first 6-12 months, then once a year thereafter. This removes any sediment buildup and increases the operating efficiency of your water heater.

When a water heater leaks or breaks, it can leave you in a mess and cause damage to your floors and home. Call us right away to get the leak under control. Our certified and experienced technicians will let you know your options for a repair or replacement.

A new energy efficient water heater can reduce your monthly water heating bills. There are different types of water heaters depending on the size of your home, budget, and your fuel source. Water heater options include:

  • Conventional: A storage tank of hot water heated by either natural gas or electricity.
  • Tankless: Delivers endless hot water without the use of a storage tank.

We’re happy to assess your needs and suggest the most appropriate water heater system for your home.