Another year, another chance to work on the bathroom of your dreams! And because plumbing isn’t the only thing you should consider when remodeling your bathroom, we decided to put a list of bathroom remodeling trends that might help get your plan off the ground.

Here are the trends to watch for in 2021. 

Goodbye Retro Appeal, Hello Large Tiles 

When it comes to giving your bathroom a sleek, modern look without making major changes to its layout, relying on small, penny tiles is not the way to go. Instead, go for oversized rectangular tiles, and not only will your bathroom seem less cluttered but it will also appear considerably bigger. 

When choosing your large tiles, however, stick with light colors to keep the look fresh and lush.  

Back Lights for Dramatic Looks

If you’re planning on a complete bathroom overhaul, consider the addition of backlit mirrors or medicine cabinets.

With homeowners looking for more modern designs, back-lit centerpieces make for a great mood setter. As a matter of fact, experts encourage the trend, explaining that embedded light features aren’t just cool looking, they also give homeowners ambient lighting without the glare that comes with hanging light fixtures. Furthermore, these statement features give the impression that mirrors or medicine cabinets are floating. If you’re looking to impress potential buyers or even your visitors, backlights will do just that! 

Open, Multi-Functional Showers

When it comes to updating your shower, keep in mind that open-concept showers are all the rage. 

Homeowners are no longer simply worried about style or convenience. In 2021, they want it all, and open showers offer a blend of the bench, ambient lighting, misting systems, and a series of other features that can be separated from the rest of the room with a simple glass wall. 

If you’re looking for an option that will make your bathroom seem more spacious and that will go well with large tiles, open-style showers might do the trick. 

Accents in Black 

After a dark and long 2020, you would think that darker colors would be out of the question in 2021. Not so fast!

When it comes to bathroom interior design, using black and dark shades as an accent is one of the most popular trends for the new year. 

Whether you are using different shades and tones, black details help to introduce some contrast, keeping the room fun and modern. Additionally, black accents make the room stand out from others in the house. 

Unique, Swanky Lighting Fixtures

Once upon a time, interior designers thought of the bathroom as nothing more than a functional space. If something seemed too extravagant, it had no business in the bathroom. In 2021, however, that concept is finally gone. 

Instead of wall sconces, homeowners are making greater use of pendants and even chandeliers in their bathrooms. The idea behind that concept might not necessarily be new, but it is making a comeback in 2021 so expect to see more of this, especially in newer homes. 

If any or all of these ideas inspired you to start a new bathroom remodeling project, remember that Paul Henderson Plumbing is here to help!