While we never think of it as such, the water heater is our home’s superhero. 

Working hard in the background to keep our water hot day and night, this super apparatus is often forgotten and ignored. But when they cease to function as they should, however, our world falls apart. And fast! 

Below are five of the most common water heater problems most of us might face and how to identify them. 

Water Won’t Get Hot Enough, or Won’t Get Hot at All!

When water temperature issues happen, they can completely ruin our day! 

If your water goes from hot to cold suddenly, you might have a power issue. 

Make sure your water heater isn’t suffering from a lack of power by resetting tripped circuit breakers and figuring out if you have any blown fuses that need replacing. Check power switches to make sure they are turned on and take a look at the power indicators to see if they are lit. Finally, check the thermostat to confirm it’s receiving power. 

Other problems that might cause cold water are faulty thermostats and heating elements, which may lead to a short circuit. 

When the water gets warm but not hot enough, however, your water heater might be too small for your home’s needs or it might have crossed hot and cold connections. In some cases, it might also be experiencing thermostat and heating element issues.  

Whatever the case, the experts at Paul Henderson Plumbing can get your water heater back to work in no time!

Foul Smells Coming from the Plumbing

Oftentimes, sediment-laden with bacteria build-up inside the tank. Over time, decaying bacteria produce hydrogen gases that make their way out of the tank through the plumbing and into your home. This will cause a foul or rotten egg smell that might spread throughout your house fast thanks to the taps.   

Water Leaks

There are several factors that might lead to water heater leaks. While we will name a few here, the safest way to avoid a potential catastrophe is to get the help of a professional who can quickly identify the cause and act on it to put an end to the leak. 

Some of the issues commonly associated with leaks include:

  • Defective temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valves 
  • Overheating
  • Plumbing connection leaks
  • Stuck valves
  • Water tank leaks  
  • Stuck valves 
  • Improper water pressure

Strange Noises Coming From the Water Heater

If you wake up to odd noises coming from your water heater, the problem could be due to years of sediment buildup. But if that isn’t the problem, then more likely than not, it is time for a new water heater. 

In this case, contact us as soon as possible.  

Discolored, or “Rusty” Water

Perhaps one of the most horrifying water heater issues you can run into is to watch as the sink fills up with discolored or rust-colored hot water. 

In this case, the issue is most likely caused by a failing anode rod, which can be easily replaced by a professional. However, if simply replacing the rod isn’t enough, you might have to replace the entire water heating system. 

Contacting a professional to have the problem adequately assessed is the most prudent way to go about this issue.