Paul Henderson – Owner and President
Paul Henderson began his plumbing career in 1977 learning the plumbing trade from his dad. Paul started his company in 1989. He has a lovely wife and is the proud dad to 2 grown sons and a high school-aged daughter. He is a master of his craft, able to think outside the box and can come up with great cost-effective solutions for the toughest situations. Although you will find Paul riding his bicycle more these days than driving a truck, he is always there to advise and listen to his plumbers and office staff. Paul’s intelligence, integrity, fairness, and understanding have gained him the respect of his customers and employees alike. These attributes are what has made Paul Henderson Plumbing the 5-star company it is today.

Sharla Good – Office Manager
Sharla is an army vet and the wife of a retired US Marine, she moved to Indianapolis and started working for Paul Henderson Plumbing in 2000. She has great communication skills and has gained lots of general plumbing knowledge over the years. Whether she is trying to identify an older faucet or talking to a customer about a bathroom remodel, she loves to interact with her customers, and it shows in her work ethic, attention to detail and enthusiasm to help.

Nicole Lasley – Scheduling Coordinator
Most likely when you call Paul Henderson Plumbing the first voice you will hear is that of Nicole. Nicole has two children Jadeyn and Isaiah; she is a softball mom; if she is not in the office, you will find her on the softball field coaching her daughter’s softball team. Nicole will listen to you she genuinely cares about the people that call and strives to give them the very best service possible. She believes in treating her customers the way she would want to be treated.

Jordan Martens – Plumber
Jordan moved from New Jersey to Indianapolis and has been with Paul Henderson Plumbing since 2008. If you are doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel, have a faucet absolutely no one can repair, or a tankless water heater that is acting up Jordan is your man. He is a quick thinker and has the ability to adapt to the situation at hand and can think outside the box.

Bob Cherf – Plumber
Bob is our hockey player and coaches his kids’ hockey team. He came to work for Paul Henderson Plumbing in 2011. His knowledge of the water softener puts him at the top of the field. He also handles all Watco water softener warranty work for central Indiana. He is our go to guy for the really big remodel jobs and is a well-rounded plumber. Bob is able to tackle any problem he faces and comes up with great solutions.

Eric Allen – Plumber
Eric came to work for Paul Henderson Plumbing in 2014. He is a family man with 2 young sons and a teenage daughter. Eric is our pump guy, whether you need a repair or replacement of a sewage ejector pump, sump pump or backup sump pump system. He knows the products and what will work best for your situation. Eric is very meticulous, professional, and knowledgeable in all aspects of residential plumbing. He is requested by many of our customers.

Josh Conner – Apprentice
Josh is an Army vet, avid mountain biker and proud daddy to two little girls. He came to work for Paul Henderson Plumbing in 2016 and is currently enrolled in the 4-year Indiana Plumbers Apprenticeship program. Josh takes great pride in his workmanship and is becoming a well-rounded plumber. if you have a job that requires more than one person Josh is our man.